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Facebook marketing services is great effort to promote businesses online. It is very cost effective process. Facebook advertising in india is getting popular day by day. Our facebook marketing company is very professional to provide this service at a low cost.
facebook ad consulting is our top priority to assist our valuable clients all over India & abroad.                        


  • Why Facebook Ad is useful for business promotion?

    Now-a-days most people engaged in social media for personal interest or business purpose. All age group are badly engaged with smart phones. It will increase a lot within a few years in India & abroad also. For businessmen, they really think what to do or how to promote their business? What is the best platform for business promotion at a low budget then we should think about Facebook obviously. Why facebook campaign is treated as the best option because,

    1. Cheap Facebook Ads Cost:

      Practically it is free for all. We can promote your business as many times as possible in a day. But if you go for Facebook Ads (paid) then also you have to pay less than other social media platforms.  You can spend Rs. 100.00 per day & you can reach to 4000 viewers per day (approx.). So it is said that facebook advert price is really low comperatively.
    2. Huge Audience:

      Facebook has an audience pool 1.5 billion, which is the bigger than the population of China. Facebook has 23 billon clicks on Ads per year. So when you pay Facebook for Ads or promotion of your business, than instantly you will get into a huge market of Facebook viewers.
    3. Audience Target:

      Facebook Ads has a fantastic facility to filter your audience as per your specific choices. You can choose Age group, Gender, Areas, languages, Interest of viewers etc. It is very flexible to target your audience in India or in any country.
    4. New Leads:

      Facebook has a feature, called “lookalike audience” where you will get new people who are almost similar in interest to your business. It can be built with conversion pixels which is related paid search Ads or from Facebook Fan page.
    5. Facebook Remarketing:

      Remarketing on Facebook is very effective via custom audiences. It is a nice facility of Facebook. Facebook marketing agencies in India use this strategy wonderfully to use visitors who already visited websites for products or services.

      facebook promotion services is very cost effective process for online business promotion.


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