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  Silver package: INR 5,500.00 / month (Maintenance fee)

  One campaign: Search Ad - 1 no.
Search campaign - 1 no.
Ad group - 3 nos
Ad copies - 6 nos.
No. of keywords - 15 nos
Audience type - 1 no.
Bid strategy selection
Extension creation - 3 nos
24x7 performance monitoring


  Gold package: INR 7,500 / month
(Maintenance fee)

Either Two campaigns: Search Ad- 1 no. + Google Display/Discovery/Video Ad - 1no.
Or One campaign: Shopping Ad - 1 no. (For Ecommerce sites)
Search campaign - 1 no.
Display/Discovery campaign - 1 no.
Ad copies - 12 nos. each
No. of keywords - 25-30 nos
Ad Group- 4 nos.
Audience type - 2 no.
Bid strategy selection
Extension creation - 5 nos

  Platinum package: INR 9,500 / month
(Maintenance fee)

  Three campaigns: Google Search Ad - 1no. + Google Display/Discovery/Video Ad - 1no. + Facebook & Instagram Ads - 1no.
Search campaign - 1 no.
Display/Discovery/YouTube campaign - 1 no.
Facebook/ Instagram Ad - 1 no.
No. of keywords - 30-40 nos
Ad Copy - 8 nos.
Ad Group - 4 nos.
Bid Strategy selection
Audience group - 3-4 nos.
Keyword research

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What is PPC Services?

PPC Service or pay per click service is a type of internet marketing service which involves advertisers to pay a fee each time when their ads are clicked. You only pay for advertising if your ad is actually clicked to see your ads. Google Ads, Face Book Ads, Instagram Ads etc. are all falls under ppc marketing services.

PPC management service takes care for both B2B & B2C. It is very reliable & profitable type of ad technique with affordable ppc packages. Google Ad is the best in creating quality leads to increase business & brand awareness with the help of ppc specialists.

  • PPC Ad types:

    Google Search ad

    " Display ad
    a " Discovery ad
    a " Shopping ad
    a " Video ad
    Facebook / Instagram ad

    Benefits of Google ads:

      • Google Ad offers quick entry & get instant leads for business
      • You can use audience pool, which is flexible enough to choose specific audience.
      • You can choose any location to run ads.
      • Can target any age group, gender & income group.
      • Can run ads in any suitable budget.
      • Ad can be stopped any time or start at anytime.
      • Get always ad real time reports to monitor it daily for improving ad performance.
      • Can target specific objectives to create ads.

      Google PPC Agency

      We are 10+ years experienced ppc service provider in India. Our PPC agency has a skilled ppc management service team to provide max. lead & brand awareness against max. ROI. Our Google ad agency is consist of Google certified persons, who are dedicated to give 100% return on Ad investment.

      Why a Google PPC Company is hired?

      1. Business owner is new to PPC Services
      2. Shortage of manpower to run ppc ads
      3. Lacking of in house advertising team
      4. Organizations unable to afford to proper database & software etc. In these reasons, business owner can hire a ppc service provider for online business promotion.
      5. As they are expert enough to achieve best result out of PPC Campaignto so you can hire ppc experts, It will save time & wastage of money.

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Our PPC clients:

Boost Clean
Car At Call
Core Group
Dhillon Machinery
Diana Impex (P) Ltd
Mark India Travels
Meghna Enterprise
Oceanic Aqua Solution
PMS Pack
Poddar Jobs
Quantum First Automation INC
Saakshi Jewellers
Techplast Industries
Vaastu Mangaal
Watreat Engineers
Zest Tex International
Comodo SSL