Best Tips to Use LinkedIn to Grow Business Successfully!


Online Marketing is the latest & ultimate concept for promoting businesses any corner of the world. Our SEO Company in India creates a nice program to make their marketing campaign successful. Social Media Marketing is a major wing of this campaign & LinkedIn is the best of all social media platforms.

LinkedIn: The Best Choice in Social Media Platform

LinkedIn is a Social Networking Platform for professionals & also for business promotion. More than 380 million members all over the world are active in this social media platform. According to stats in industry LinkedIn has high utilization rate for placing candidate too.

Amazing Facts about LinkedIn:

  • Total Members: 450 million users as on April, 2016
  • of new LinkedIn Users: 2 per Sec.
  • of monthly unique visitors: 106 million as of April, 2016
  • More than 200 countries & territories uses LinkedIn
  • 70% users are outside of U.S
  • of page views in Q1 2016: 45 billion

It is a finest spot where you can show off your career success, rewords, goals etc. so that someone gets attracted to see about your details like area of working, experience, skills & achievements etc. It is a professional networking platform & that is why your LinkedIn profile should be like that.

Here I will discuss about a professional Linked Profile so that you can use it for business, marketing etc. to grow your business & as well as for your network.

LinkedIn Profile Creation:

As per a reputed SEO Company, all these steps to follow to create a professional looking LinkedIn Profile. The following steps are,

Step: 1

Customize your public profile URL to look professional & clean. It should be very clear like, so that anyone can understand it clearly.

Step: 2

Add a good quality profile image to your profile page which has a social networking touch. Image resolution should be of 1400X 425 pixels & size is under 8MB.

Step: 3

Create a badge for your website or blog. There are different sizes of badges & you have to choose from them. Select on badge & copy that code to paste it to your website.

Step: 4

Optimize Anchor text on your website or blog for your LinkedIn profile. For increasing clicks you have to add the LinkedIn profile URL to your website or blog.

Step: 5

Search Engine Optimization of your Profile is essential. You have to optimize your profile so that anybody can find you on LinkedIn.

Step: 6

LinkedIn allow you to add all media like videos, images, presentations, documents etc. to the summary section of education, experience to your profile. You will get a huge chance to show all of your projects, sample of your works etc. By adding, deleting & rearranging all of your works, we can make a showcase to your visitors.

Step: 7

Saved Searches is an advantage for LinkedIn profile pages. Users get three people search & ten job search to save. It will help you to get back to them at any time easily. You can choose weekly or monthly reminders from options.

Step: 8

LinkedIn gives you easy option to present your profile nicely. You can drag and drop any section as per your choice. Arrange sections as sequences as you like to choose.

How to Use LinkedIn Perfectly to Grow Your Business:

There are many reasons to use LinkedIn for B2B marketing as recommended by a top Digital Marketing Company in Kolkata.

  • You can use it to grow your online business reach
  • Maximize visibility in Google or other search engines
  • You can have a chance to make your company as a leader with interaction in LinkedIn & also attract leaders in your industry
  • It is also used as a lead generation platform

Steps to follow for Business Development:

As per best seo services providers in Kolkata, India LinkedIn is the finest spot for growing your business & also for lead generation.

  1. Make a good looking Company Page:

Build a Good looking Company Page with a high quality logo & banner. Then complete all spaces providing all necessary data about your company.

  1. Consider SEO Services:

Google only preview first 150 characters of your text. So make sure that part of description should be very impactful & concise.

  1. Update Content Regularly:

Post inspiring contents rather than only about your product or services. Try to post images, Videos etc. which are more useful for content marketing. Always remember that before posting any content, customize the title of your post & description must.

  1. Quick Responses:

Reply any ones comment as soon as possible. Your ultimate goal is to convert your page to a popular community for your brand. So engagement is required here very much.

  1. Fix Target:

LinkedIn gives you to set a target as per your choice like, Company size, industry, function, seniority, geography & language.

  1. LinkedIn Analytics:

LinkedIn gives you to analyze your activities of your visitors. You can see all about
Reach, Engagement, Followers, Page view, unique visitors, and visitor’s demographics.

  1. Showcase Page:

LinkedIn gives you to build a Showcase page, where you can showcase your products or services. Showcase page is ideal place to show all of them. Showcase pages are branch pages of your company main page.

Difference between Company & Showcase Pages:

  • Showcase has larger images
  • It has two column to post content side by side
  • Showcase pages are directly linked to business page
  • Career tab & Employee’s profile are absent in this page

If you do not have Showcase page, create it immediately.

  1. LinkedIn Groups:

Put Group image…

Group creation is very effective for lead generation. Create & manage your LinkedIn group for your industry. It is an effective way of lead generation.

It draws prospect in different ways,

  • They can help you to establish yourself in your industry
  • They help you to grow your community
  • Use as a source of content – having sense of people postings & questions, you can use these as points of your blog post


  1. LinkedIn Advertisement:

It can help you to achieve a good reach, due to main two factors.

  1. It offers very targeting options
  2. LinkedIn Profile contains more detail information

LinkedIn Ads are in two format, sponsored updates & text Ads.

Text Ads appear in the right hand side of LinkedIn feed. It is used to promote Product/service.

Sponsored Updates appear in LinkedIn user’s feed. These updates attract new followers from Company/Showcase pages.

9 New Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2019



Digital Marketing is a latest concept in the present time. As we know that as per global Digital Report 2019, at present no. of Internet users is 4.4 billion worldwide & increasing 9.1 % per year. Now no. of Mobile Phone users is 5.11 billion worldwide & increasing 2% per year. Using of Mobile phone is increasing day by day & stands in 1st place. Desktop users remain in the 2nd position. As a Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata, we know that in Europe & America internet penetration is higher around 90% where as South Europe has a biggest increase in internet penetration with 11% per year.

We are watching that every year Marketing becomes more competitive & also expensive. Web is getting saturated with lot of website every day.

  • Voice Search:
    As per current trends, in the year 2020 of all searches 50 % will be done through Voice Searches.
  • Blogging:
    As per present situation there are 1.8 billion websites in the market & out of them 1 billion websites are blog sites. Some years ago there was a need of quality contents in Google but now time has changed, there are saturated with content. So do not bother to rank clients against back links. Now it is just all about proving what is best for searchers. Now it is a huge competition on blogging.
  • Conversation Rate Optimization:
    Google is growing consistently even in the period of recession. It is clear that more people are going for online marketing. Google cost per click is rising day by day. It is clear that most of the money spent in the market is shared by Google AdWords (58%) & Facebook (23%), where as spending for SEO Services is around 7%.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    The latest concept is AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence which will help us to serve better which product or services is required with the help of Social Media.AI will help to offer tips to the users & it is seen that 25% customer service will use Chatbot technology where it was 2% in the year 2017.
  • Chatbot:
    It will be powerful part for digital Marketing Agency in the coming years. It is used for instant messaging to chat with our customers 24×7 hrs. It is a virtual assistance for customers offering excellent customer service without any fatigue. You can ask a lot questions for a long time.
  • Video Marketing:
    Why Video Marketing is important?
    Almost 70% business owners claim that their conversion rate \is improved with video marketing. 60% executives watch videos & 40% calls after watching videos
    not only YouTube you can also post videos in different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Video watching gaining popularity day by day. Most of the businessmen using this to promote their products/services, interviews etc. SEO Companies in India are helping a lot to provide Video SEO Services to rank in Google Search Ranking.
  • Social Messaging Apps:
    Social Messaging Apps has made a huge area in social media market. Just imagine that 1.3 billion users are active in Facebook messenger. WhatsApp also has 1.3 billion active users in their account. We can use this for sending messages to our customers & can add value to our business.
  • Visual Search:
    A famous name in visual search in Pinterest. They have new Visual Search tool called “LENS” which allows you to find out a particular product you took a snap & help you where you get it online also you can search similar products.Another popular Visual Search Tool is “Google Lens” If you take a photo of a Business card you can find its contact nos. & address etc. Suppose if you take a photo of a Book then you can have reviews & details about them. “CamFind” is a Visual Search Mobile App which will tell you everything any query. Just post image/snap of an item, instead of typing quires, it will provide all information’s like prices, similar products, where you will get it etc.

Social Media Story:
Snapchat first started with the story concept “My Story” After that Facebook & Instagram introduced the Story part. You can use this for sharing your Company story, Employees story, stories behind your Products/Services & Reviews etc.

We think that in the year 2019; will be better customer experience with the help of AI & Automation etc. So hope for the best so that we can have a better experience for conversation with our customers & can share a lot quality contents like Audio/Video to help & server others. If you have more new ideas, please do not forget to leave a comment below.