13 most effective ways of Facebook Marketing


Facebook Marketing Tips by a Professional SEO Company in Kolkata, India

All most all people know how useful Facebook as a Social Media Platform is. Some people use it as interacting medium like chatting, sharing docs, Photos etc. But most of the businessmen use this platform for branding their products, for conversation with their clients, increasing customers & for the improvement of sales also. We use Facebook for our clients to drive sales & to increase conversion. As a reputed seo company in kolkata, we will discuss most 13 Tips of Facebook marketing below which is the best & most engaging marketing strategies for business that anyone can use. Let us start as below.

  1. Leverage the Existing Website Traffic:

It is advisable to design a Website for your business as it works as an Online Business hub where people can buy your products or can learn more about
you services. You can leverage your existing traffic with putting Facebook and other icons/ links to your social media pages. Hot tips for putting Social Media Icons are to place them on the top side of all website pages so that it could be easily seen.

  1. Use Fan Page URL’s to your E-Mail Signature:

As all most all people using e-mails today. So there is a scope to use your Fan Pages URL’s to your E-mail Signature. You can set this using E-Mail setting button (Gear like image) & add your links there from Facebook, Twitter, G+ & LinkedIn etc. People after receiving a mail from your side can click your Social Media pages which may increase your traffic gradually. You can also add a Call to action on that part.

  1. Promote Facebook Page as much as possible:

Promote Facebook Page URL as much as possible so that your customers can know that you are on Facebook. You can promote your Facebook URL in your Business Cards, on your Outdoor Ads, on packaging etc.

  1. Determine or set a time for posting Contents to get max. Exposure.

You can set your content marketing plan with the help of a Facebook feature called “insight”. With this you can understand the best hours to post on Facebook to get max. Effects from this platform.

Steps to follow for “insights”
1. Go to Facebook Page

2. See a “insight” button on the top side of Facebook Page

3. Click it & you will see insight Overview, then Click on Post tab

Now you will see the best hours when hover your mouse.

  1. Create & Schedule your Status Update:

   For having max. Advantages, you have to post contents consistently for you
targeted audience. You goal should be to educate, to entertain or to empower

  1. Use Facebook Plugins:

Integrate Facebook Plugins on your Website will give advantages to grow
followers & increase brand Awareness. You can use like button on your
website & also on blog post.

  1. Facebook Ads:

               You can invest in Facebook Ads to increase or spread your business.
Facebook Ads are not really expensive so you can increase your likes,
followers etc.

Expert digital marketing company in kolkata, India uses different types of Facebook Ads,
as mentioned below.

  1. Facebook Page Engagement
  2. Facebook Page Likes
  3. Click to websites
  4. Website conversions
  5. App installs
  6. App Engagement
  7. Event Responses
  8. Offer claims


  1. Develop a Facebook customized Page Tab or Apps:

It provides a great option for offering advantages for Fans. It will allow new visitors to visit your events, offers etc. which will help you to gain new followers/ visitors for you. Study shows that coupon based campaigns received highest engagement rate. So it is focused by some professional seo companies in India.

  1. Integrate Social Media Sharing:

Social Media Sharing buttons on website and Sharing Plugins are used for sharing content. It will ultimately increase your website traffic to improve your business.

  1. Some favorite Free Social Media Plugins are,
  • Digg Digg
  • Flare
  • Mashshare
  1. Engage with your Facebook Social Community:

Engagement with your can build a good relation, trust & loyalty. From this community you can get a good amount of Clients or can generate leads.

  1. Use Visual Content:

Using Images or Videos in your Facebook pages, which make them engaged to grow your community & to spread your business. Always try to use visual content as recommended by digital marketing agencies in kolkata.

  1.  Create or Join Facebook Group:

There are three types of Facebook Group like Open, Closed & Secret Group.

Create a group or join to others to interact with each others for making a well trusted group. It will help to increase your business gradually.

9 New Digital Marketing Trends to follow in 2019



Digital Marketing is a latest concept in the present time. As we know that as per global Digital Report 2019, at present no. of Internet users is 4.4 billion worldwide & increasing 9.1 % per year. Now no. of Mobile Phone users is 5.11 billion worldwide & increasing 2% per year. Using of Mobile phone is increasing day by day & stands in 1st place. Desktop users remain in the 2nd position. As a Digital Marketing Agency in Kolkata, we know that in Europe & America internet penetration is higher around 90% where as South Europe has a biggest increase in internet penetration with 11% per year.

We are watching that every year Marketing becomes more competitive & also expensive. Web is getting saturated with lot of website every day.

  • Voice Search:
    As per current trends, in the year 2020 of all searches 50 % will be done through Voice Searches.
  • Blogging:
    As per present situation there are 1.8 billion websites in the market & out of them 1 billion websites are blog sites. Some years ago there was a need of quality contents in Google but now time has changed, there are saturated with content. So do not bother to rank clients against back links. Now it is just all about proving what is best for searchers. Now it is a huge competition on blogging.
  • Conversation Rate Optimization:
    Google is growing consistently even in the period of recession. It is clear that more people are going for online marketing. Google cost per click is rising day by day. It is clear that most of the money spent in the market is shared by Google AdWords (58%) & Facebook (23%), where as spending for SEO Services is around 7%.
  • Artificial Intelligence:
    The latest concept is AI i.e. Artificial Intelligence which will help us to serve better which product or services is required with the help of Social Media.AI will help to offer tips to the users & it is seen that 25% customer service will use Chatbot technology where it was 2% in the year 2017.
  • Chatbot:
    It will be powerful part for digital Marketing Agency in the coming years. It is used for instant messaging to chat with our customers 24×7 hrs. It is a virtual assistance for customers offering excellent customer service without any fatigue. You can ask a lot questions for a long time.
  • Video Marketing:
    Why Video Marketing is important?
    Almost 70% business owners claim that their conversion rate \is improved with video marketing. 60% executives watch videos & 40% calls after watching videos
    not only YouTube you can also post videos in different platforms like Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Video watching gaining popularity day by day. Most of the businessmen using this to promote their products/services, interviews etc. SEO Companies in India are helping a lot to provide Video SEO Services to rank in Google Search Ranking.
  • Social Messaging Apps:
    Social Messaging Apps has made a huge area in social media market. Just imagine that 1.3 billion users are active in Facebook messenger. WhatsApp also has 1.3 billion active users in their account. We can use this for sending messages to our customers & can add value to our business.
  • Visual Search:
    A famous name in visual search in Pinterest. They have new Visual Search tool called “LENS” which allows you to find out a particular product you took a snap & help you where you get it online also you can search similar products.Another popular Visual Search Tool is “Google Lens” If you take a photo of a Business card you can find its contact nos. & address etc. Suppose if you take a photo of a Book then you can have reviews & details about them. “CamFind” is a Visual Search Mobile App which will tell you everything any query. Just post image/snap of an item, instead of typing quires, it will provide all information’s like prices, similar products, where you will get it etc.

Social Media Story:
Snapchat first started with the story concept “My Story” After that Facebook & Instagram introduced the Story part. You can use this for sharing your Company story, Employees story, stories behind your Products/Services & Reviews etc.

We think that in the year 2019; will be better customer experience with the help of AI & Automation etc. So hope for the best so that we can have a better experience for conversation with our customers & can share a lot quality contents like Audio/Video to help & server others. If you have more new ideas, please do not forget to leave a comment below.